Fun with my son

My son, Frankie, has always been something of a show-off. When he was little he would never keep his clothes on in public, and I did nothing to discourage his behavior. I enjoyed seeing him show off as well as seeing the reaction of other dads. When he became old enough to get erections, I continued to encourage his exhibitionist tendencies as I enjoyed watching him masturbate in public, especially with other men watching him.

Today is Frankie's birthday, so I am taking him to a restaurant to celebrate. He loves getting dressed up and going out, so he was very excited as he put on his slacks and shirt and his dress shoes and socks.

Shortly after we were seated in the restaurant, I slipped off my shoes. I stretched out my legs and used my socked feet to pop Frankie's shoes off of his feet. We began to play footsie under the table, rubbing our socked feet together. Frankie giggled; we often played footsie in public, and I knew he enjoyed it.

I glanced over and noticed a father sitting at a table with his family watching us. He smiled at me when I caught his eye, then his eyes shifted down to watch what we were doing under the table. The man slipped his own shoes off and stretched his legs out toward his own son sitting across from him. I could almost read the man's mind, knowing that he would like to be doing the same thing as Frankie and I were.

When the waiter came up to the table, I slid one of my socked foot onto Frankie's lap. My son already had a hard-on from the footplay, so I began to rub his boner through his pants with my socked foot. Frankie let out a very soft moan as he felt me begin to rub him, and the waiter noticed and looked down at the boy's lap. The waiter seemed to take a long time telling us about the specials, never taking his eyes off of Frankie's lap.

When the waiter finally left, Frankie, "Oh Dad, that feels so good! I love it when you rub my boner!"

"Well it's your birthday, Frankie, and I want you to enjoy yourself," I said. My son closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my foot in his lap, and I looked over to see that the man at the table nearby was still watching. His socked feet finally came into contact with his son's feet, and the man began to rub his feet all over the boy's shoes. The man's son looked up at his father with an expression of surprise on his face.

"Dad, is it OK if I unzip my pants so you can rub me through my underwear?" Frankie asked.

"Sure, son, that would be fine," I answered as I slid my foot away. I watched as Frankie reached under the table and heard him unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He pulled his pants down a bit, and I slid my socked feet back onto his lap, now feeling his hard-on tenting his briefs. I continued to rub my son as he leaned back and moaned softly.

When I glanced over at the man sitting nearby, I could see that he was getting more excited seeing Frankie in his underpants. The man mimicked my actions, using his socked feet to pull his son's shoes off of his feet. Again the boy looked at his father with surprise, but his dad was watching Frankie and me. The man kicked his boy's shoes out of the way and began to play footsie with him. I don't think he realized that he had kicked his son's shoes into the aisle.

Our waiter returned with drinks to take our order for dinner. Now he saw Frankie sitting in his underwear, my foot still in his lap, and could hardly pay attention as I ordered. Frankie smiled at the waiter as he continued to stare at my son in his undies. Finally the waiter walked away, still looking at Frankie and not noticing as he kicked the shoes of the boy sitting nearby. The boy's shoes ended up underneath yet another table.

The father at the other table, still peering under our table, now slid one of his feet onto his son's lap. The boy looked at his father with a mixture of shock and embarrassment on his face, but his father wasn't paying any attention. It is almost as if he didn't realize what he was doing. The man started to rub his socked foot against his son's crotch as the boy looked around nervously.

Frankie asked me if he could use the restroom, so I pulled my foot away. He stood up, letting his trousers drop to his ankles. He just walked right out of his pants, leaving them behind. His dress shirt covered up most of his briefs, but I could see just a bit of his tightie whities showing. He walked to the restroom in just his shirt, underpants and socks.

After he had walked away, I looked back at the man at the table nearby, who smiled back at me. The man continued to grind his socked foot into his son's crotch. The boy looked nervous, but was clearly enjoying the feeling at the same time.

Frankie came back from the restroom and sat down. I immediately slid my socked foot back onto his lap. My foot came into contact with his naked hard-on, and I realized that Frankie had taken off his underwear and left them in the restroom. He moaned as he felt me rub my foot against his hard cock. I could feel my sock getting wet as my son oozed pre-cum out of his rigid dick.

The man sitting nearby noticed too. He was rubbing his own son harder as he watched my foot working my half-naked son. Soon I could feel Frankie's hard-on twitching and heard my son moaning, and I knew he was about to cum. The waiter arrived with the food, and both he and the man at the other table were watching as Frankie grunted and began to shoot his load. I could feel the cum as it gushed out of the boy's cock and soaked into my sock. Frankie groaned as he emptied his load all over my socked foot as the waiter and the man nearby both watched and rubbed their own dicks through their pants.

When the waiter finally left, I looked over and noticed that the boy at the other table had a funny expression on his face. As his father continued to rub his crotch with his foot, the boy got a glazed look in his eyes and his mouth gaped open. I realized that the boy was cumming in his pants as his father continued to give him a foot job. Finally the father stopped, and the boy looked around in a panic, realizing that his dad had just gotten him off in public.

I heard the boy ask to be excused to use the restroom. He stood up and I noticed that his dick was still hard and tenting his pants, and a big wet stain was spreading across the front of his khakis. He looked around for a minute, then whispered to his father that he couldn't find his shoes. His dad whispered back to go without them, so his son walked to the restroom in his socks, using his hand to try to hide the fact that he had just creamed his pants. When the boy returned, I noticed something stuffed into his pocket. I got just a glimpse of the elastic waistband and knew that he had found Frankie's underpants in the restroom.

When it was time to leave Frankie put his pants back on. We got up to leave, and as my son was walking past the table with the father and son, the button popped off of his trousers. Since the zipper was broken it slid right down, and Frankie's pants dropped to his ankles. "Uh oh, my pants!" said Frankie as he bent over to pull them up.

The sight of his naked butt finally sent the father over the edge, and I could tell that the man was cumming, emptying his load into his suit trousers.

The next day was Saturday, and I promised Frankie I would take him to the museum as part of his birthday treat. He loved to go to the museum, and his favorite exhibit was an Egyptian mummy. As Frankie was leaning over the case peering at the ancient artifact, I stood behind him and put my arm around him. I popped a few buttons open on his shirt so that I could slide my hand in and rub his chest a bit. I knew he liked it as he moved backward a little, pressing closer to me.

I looked over and noticed a young guard watching us. From the smile on his face and the erection tenting his pants, I figured he must be enjoying the show. So I undid more buttons on Frankie's shirt, exposing his naked chest, which I continued to stroke. "Mmmm, that feels nice, dad," said the boy.

My hand slid down to the waistband of Frankie's pants. I popped the button and the pants loosened and slid down about an inch, enough to expose the waistband of his red underpants. I looked up at the guard who smiled and reached down to rub his erection through his uniform slacks.

I reached down further and unzipped Frankie's pants. They dropped to his ankles, exposing his briefs. I pulled my son's shirt all the way off, dropping it onto the floor, then stepped on his pants. Frankie pulled his feet out, knocking his shoes off in the process. My son, now wearing only underpants and socks, leaned back against me, his eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. I began to rub Frankie's hard-on through his undies, looking at the guard as I did. The guard was masturbating faster as he watched me fondly my half-naked son in the middle of the gallery.

Suddenly we heard a tour guide bringing a group into the gallery, so I grabbed Frankie by the hand and quickly led him into the next gallery so we wouldn't be caught. In my haste I left my son's clothes on the floor behind. At the same time I rushed my son out, the guard quickly tried to adjust his hard-on to make it less noticeable.

Once inside the next gallery, my son said, "Dad, I'm in just my underwear!" He was clearly excited at the risk of being seen in only underpants and socks. "Do you think anyone will see me? Look, I have a boner!" he said, excitedly rubbing himself.

"I don't know, Frankie," I said, "You will have to stay that way for now. We will have to go back later to try to find your clothes."

I led Frankie into a small gallery in a corner. As he was standing looking at an exhibit, I again stood behind him. I put my arm around him so I could stroke his chest. Just then another father with his son walked into the same gallery.

"Look Daddy," the boy whispered loud enough for us to hear, "that boy is in his underwear!" The boy's father shushed him and pretended not to look at Frankie, but I couldn't miss his surreptitious glances. "Daddy," said his son again, "Can I take off my clothes and run around in my underwear too?" As the boy asked he had already kicked off his sneakers, exposing his white socks.

"No, Nick, you can't take your clothes off," said the boy's father.

"Awww, why not? That boy took his off? Why can't I?" said Nick. As the boy talked he was trying to pull his clothes off. He had undone his jeans, exposing his white underpants.

"Because I said you can't, now stop that," was all his father said as he tried to prevent his son from taking anything else off. "Now come look at the displays."

"Awww, man," said Nick. He gave his sneakers a kick, then continued to walk around the gallery in his white socks.

Meanwhile as Frankie looked at a display case, I continued to stroke his chest. Eventually I slide my hand down to his underpants, and I rubbed my son's hard-on through the material. The other father continued to glance at us, clearly interested, and his son didn't hide the fact that he was openly watching. The smile on the boy's face indicated that he was enjoying our show more than the museum exhibits.

I heard another footstep and looked over to see the guard that we had seen previously walk in. He took a look at what was happening, then put a velvet rope across the doorway, preventing anyone else from coming into the gallery.

As I slipped my hand inside Frankie's underpants and took a hold of his cock, my son leaned against me and moaned softly. Now the guard, the father and his son were all watching us.

Since his father's attention was elsewhere, Nick apparently decided to continue undressing. He pulled off his t-shirt and dropped it onto the floor. He had never bothered to zip up his jeans, so he just pushed them down and stepped out of them. The boy kicked his clothes away, now standing in just his white briefs and white socks. The boy smiled at me, then looked at he museum guard and smiled. The guard smiled back and had once again begun to rub his erection through his uniform pants. I was getting excited too and ground my hard-on against my son's briefs-clad butt.

For several minutes I stroked my son's hard cock, my hand inside his underpants, as the guard, the father and his son all watched. The father tried to pretend like he wasn't watching, but the boy and the guard were openly staring. The guard was masturbating himself through his trousers as he watched me fondling my son.

I felt Frankie's body tense up and his dick twitch as he moaned loudly and began emptying his creamy load into his underwear. His cock pulsed and twitched as he shot cum all over the inside of his underpants. I heard the security guard grunt and looked over as he shot his wad inside his pants too.

A couple of minutes later the guard removed the rope and walked away. The father said, "Come on, Nick, let's go," and took his son by the hand. He led the boy away, apparently unaware that his son was wearing only tightie whities and socks. Nick gave us a smile as his father led him away in just his underwear. The guard then reappeared with Frankie's clothes. He got dressed and we headed out. On the way we passed Nick with his father yelling at him and asking him where his clothes were.

After we left the museum we found a cab to take us home. Frankie and I got into the back seat with me sitting behind the driver and Frankie on the passenger side. The driver was fairly young and turned around to smile at my son. Once he drove off, Frankie said, loudly enough for the driver to hear, "Dad, did I tell you about how I masturbated in school yesterday?"

This caught the driver's attention and he turned again to look at Frankie. "Oh, did you?" I said to the boy. "What happened?"

"Well, I was in Mr. Williams' class and he gave us a test, but I finished early," began Frankie. "So I took my shoes off so I could relax, like this," as Frankie talked, he kicked off his shoes and shoved them under the seat in front of him. "It felt good taking my shoes off in class, and Mr. Williams noticed and smiled at me," said Frankie as he was wiggling his toes in his socks. The driver kept looking back as he listened to the boy.

"Then I realized that I had a boner, just like I do know," said Frankie, pointing to the obvious erection tenting his pants. "So I began to rub it like this," said my son as he demonstrated. "And Mr. Williams was watching me and smiling at me," said Frankie as he rubbed himself through his pants.

"At the beginning of the year Mr. Williams assigned me to a desk in the back of the room, so I can have some fun because nobody else sits back there. So I figured I could unzip my pants in class too," said Frankie as he began to undo his trousers inside the cab. "So I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and started to play with myself through my underpants." As he said this he opened his trousers and rubbed himself through his underwear as the driver continued to watch.

"Mr. Williams kept watching me play with myself under my desk," said Frankie, "so I pulled my pants all the way off. It was really exciting to be sitting in class in my underwear!" said my son as he pulled his pants off in the cab.

"That is exciting," I said, "what if the other boys caught you?"

"I bet they would have teased me about sitting in my underwear!" said Frankie, now getting more excited and rubbing his hard-on faster and faster through his underpants. "So I decided it would feel real good to take my underwear off too! So while Mr. Williams watched me, I pulled my underpants down and then kicked them off." As Frankie described the scene, he acted it out, pulling his underwear off and tossing them aside.

"Boy, Dad, that was fun! I was sitting in class almost naked, and Mr. Williams could see my boner! Man, did that feel good! He watched me the whole time I played with my boner in class!" Now Frankie was openly jacking off in the cab as the driver continued to watch. I began to worry that we would crash since the driver was watching my son more closely than the road.

"So I masturbated in class, and I had to be real quiet so the other boys didn't hear me. But Mr. Williams kept watching. I lifted up my shirt so he could see me play with my boner," said Frankie as he gave the cab driver the same courtesy.

"Then all of a sudden I realized that I had been caught by Robbie, the boy who sits in front of me."

"What did he do?" I asked.

"He just grinned at me," said Frankie, "so I grinned back and kept playing with myself. Now both Robbie and Mr. Williams were watching me masturbate in class." The driver continued to listen to my son's story as he watched the boy jacking off.

"Pretty soon I felt that tingle and knew I wasn't going to be able to stop," said Frankie. "I felt it building up in my boner, and it was feeling really good. Just like now," said the boy, getting excited. "Oh, Dad, it feels so good, I think I'm going to cum again! I can't stop it!"

"That's OK, Frankie," I said, "just let it out."

"So I was sitting in class and all of a sudden my stuff came out and shot all over me and my desk. And Robbie and Mr. Williams watched me when it happened! Oh, Dad, I'm going to cum again!"

As the driver watched, my son began to shoot wave after wave of creamy cum which landed all over his shirt, his lap, even spilling on me.

"Oh, Dad, that felt so good!"

The driver pulled up in front of our building, turned and smiled at us, and said, "Here you go - no charge!"

"Thanks!" I said. Frankie jumped out of the car wearing only a shirt and socks. I gathered up his clothes to follow him, then tossed the boy's briefs to the driver. "Here you go!" I said.

The driver gave my son's underpants a sniff and said, "Thanks!"

I got out of the car and followed my half-naked son into our building.

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