Dad leaves me hanging

It was a warm summer weekend; I planned to spend my resent graduation from high school for rest and relaxation. It did not go according to plan, My father suggested that we go camping with Tony and Vince (our neighbor who are father and son) I was not really up to it, camping was not my thing until I thought about having a chance to be along in a tent with Vince.

Therefore, I gave in, early Friday morning we packed up the truck and headed to the campsite. It was no more than an hour when my father got a phone call, it was his work, after a few minutes my Dad said he was sorry but he had to leave because of an emergency.

Tony spoke up and said, "Hey its okay go tend to your work Vince and I will entertain Troy until you get back.

Dad said, "Great I will hurry back as soon as I can."

I was thinking this is just fucking great... I am stuck in the fucking woods. What am I supposed to do now?

Tony said, "Why not find something to do instead of moping around? I told him to fuck off!"

Tony just threw me a look but did not say anything, and then he said fine you can have that fucking brown tent, Vince and I will take the newer one. Vince just sneered and headed towards the trail.

Great now left with Tony, I decided to go to the tent and check things out. I opened the tent and walked in, it smelled like ass and feet. It was in desperate need of an airing out. I was about to gather the bedding and get the tent ready when Tony walked in.

He said to me, "Let me tell you something asshole the next time you cuss at me, I am going too knock you on your ass."

I just ignored him and mumbled. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back with him straddling me, Tony said, "Look you little faggot, I am not in the mood."

I could tell by the front of his jeans he was in the mood, he saw me looking and without a word he unzipped and hauled out his meaty 9 inch cock. He grabbed me by the back of my head and I engulfed his cock, he told me to suck his dick. I did my best to keep up with his pumping; I was worried because he was forcibly shoving it down my throat, (secretly I loved it) and without warning he shot is load down my throat and shoved me back down, zipped up, and walked away.

I just lay there with my cock pulsing in my jeans and a mouthful of cum when my cell phone rang. I quickly swallowed and answered my phone. Dad called to tell me he would be back at his campsite sometime this evening. I look at my watch it was only 2 pm. I was thinking great what I would do until then. I told him okay and hung up. I did not want to tell him what had happened, and I just drifted off to sleep.


When I woke up from my nap after having my mouth force-fed some 9-inch Italian cock, I noticed it was early in the evening and still no Dad. I took the initiative, grabbed my cell phone, and gave dad a call.

After a few rings he finally answered, I asked him where you are. He said sorry Troy I am stuck here at work but I told Tank to take my place he should be there soon. Tank is my older brother is real name is Timothy but after he came home from basic training he was built like a Tank hence the nickname.

I told thanks Dad that is just fucking great and hung up. I looked over, saw Tony whisper something to Vince, and continued to stoke the campfire. No sooner I hung up my cell started playing Holler back boy (my ring tone) it was Tank telling me he is pulling into the site with a surprise... I waited and saw Dadís truck pulling up with the pop up trailer, I was thinking thank you fucking Christ I was not about to sleep in that ratty tent. I was never so glad to see my brother in my life, he rode in like a stallion on a white horse and he was just that, my savior.

The minute Tank stepped out of the truck the demeanor of Vince and Tony did a 360. Truth be known Tank never really cared for those two. He just looked over and flicked his cigarette in their direction, and ignored the pair of them. I will give Tank some credit he was no fucking joke and nothing to play with, I was never so proud to call him my brother, I just knew I would be well taken care of, boy was that thought an understatement.

By this time the sun was setting fast, Tank and I hurried to set up the pop up; he hooked up the propane and adjusted the beds so they jutted out. I told Tank I would take the left side and he can have the right. I can hear Tony and Vince outside trying to get the fire started and getting food together, Tank said I got this we are going to have some steaks on the grill and some beers. We were not roughing it by any means we had a TV and a portable toilet. We did not have to scamper into the woods to piss.

Hours passed Tank and I were killing back beer and bullshitting, I was feeling the effects of the alcohol and so was Tank, I watch in amazement when he lifted of his tank top and slide out of his boots. I have never seen such a built man in my life he was hairless and had the abs of a Greek god; he then slipped off his jeans and sat around in his boxers. I decided to make myself comfortable too; I slipped off my jeans and t-shirt and sat in my briefs. Tank joked about my ball chokers telling him it is all good but my junk needs more room. He just laughed and said you forget I am the older one I got the most of Dad genes. I said whatever and continued to drink and carry on.

I will admit it was extremely late and the temperature was dropping, I watched as Tank who at this point was banging on the propane heater in his boxers, I watched as his dickhead was popping out of his slit in his boxers, he jostled it back in and continued to bang at the heater. I finally said Tank do you think that is wise to considering it is propane, he said good point besides we can always bunk up as we did in the good old days. I actually did not have a problem with that. I looked at my watch it was almost 2:30 in the morning and I was getting tired, I told Tank I am going to bed, Tank said he was going to watch some late night TV but will be in bed soon I said no problem and headed under the blankets. I was drifting off when I heard the TV go off and Tank sliding into the bed next to me.

I donít know what time it was when I heard a car start up I looked out the window and saw Tonyís car drive away, I just chuckled and went back to sleep. I laid their when Tank asked what was that noise I told him I think Tony and Vince left. It must have gotten to cold for them so they packed their shit and left. Tank said well I could not stand those fucking dipshits.

Tank asked if I wanted a smoke I said why not, I reached over to grab the smoke when I turned to give Tank a smoke his cock was sticking out of his boxers, and it looked a hell of lot more that what I have, it looked like it was at least 11 inches. Tank Apologized and said sorry but my dick has a mind of his own. I told no problem it did not bother me, in truth it rather did, underneath those blankets my own cock was growing and now leaving the elastic that held up my briefs. My own 10-inch cock was now just about rock hard, I tried not to think about it and just inhaled that cigarette. We finished our smokes and butted them out and I said time to hit the hay. I shut off the light and prepared to go back to sleep.

I was about to drift off when I felt Tank press his body next to mine, he said he was sorry but he was a little cold and needed some body heat. I said it was cool now go to sleep. We lay there motionless. I could feel Tankís hot breath hitting the back of my neck, I could also tell he was rock hard, his 11-inch cock was pressing in my ass, I then felt Tank wrap his arm around my stomach and slide it down to my now hard cock. He said he knew you were hard too you little freak. Now Tank and I fooled around as kids but we never done anything in years, but I guess the cold and beer was a good trigger or excuse to do it again, this time we are both older and bigger. I thought this could not get any better, was I very wrong.


The story picks off with tank planting his 11" cock between by ass crack. He grabbed my cock and said that he knew I was hard too. I said to Tank, Yeah I certainly can tell you are! What are you going to do with it? Tank said you know where I want to put it, I told fuck yeah I do but there is no way you are stuffing that log in my ass.

Tank did say a word instead he flung the blanket of and me and rolled me onto my back. I watched in amazement as tank haul his massive cock and stroked it on top of me, I have to admit watching him pump that dick always gave me the best wettest dreams, now I got to see the live version instead of my mind playing the same flashes of eroticism I became used too.

Tank continued to stoke but this time he changed, he was fondling and rubbing my dick as well, this was definitely new, I mentioned it to tank, He said hey I can stop.. I told him fuck no keep going. I watched as Tank took total control. Tank took another brave step and started to lick the sides and the head of my cock; I just let out a moan and watched in anticipation. Tank pulled my dick straight up and engulfed it, he sucked my better than any woman could, and tank even took his time to run his tongue on the rim of my mushroom headed monster. I was build close to busting my nut when I saw tank look up and place his hand on my mouth. He looked at me with his eye wide open and showing plenty of white, within secondsí tank jumped off of me and leaped out the door to the pop up. I quickly threw on my shorts and headed out.

To my surprise a naked Tank was fighting a person just to the left side of our pop up. I could not believe it, it was Tony (apparently Tony took off and left him stranded... ... poor fuck ... lol) tank had him in a head lock when Tank yelled to me to open to fucking door... And move out of the way... I did as I was told; I watched as Tank literally picked him up and threw him into the camper, followed closely by Tank.

Tank Said hey troy this fucking pervert was listening in on us. What do you think we should do with him? Troy look at his boxer they are soaked with spit and precum, that fucker was jerking off listening to us.

Tony just yelled and calling Tank a fag, Tank just laughed and slapped the dog shit out of him. He then said, "I now know what I am going to do, Troy remember what I wanted to do to that fine ass of yours, well your ass just got a reprieve." And tank had an evil cat shit eating grin came across his face, I just knew it was going to be rough... I almost pitied him... almost.

Tank said, "You want to watch and spy on us, you are going to get your wish." I watched as Tank told Tony to get on his fucking knees. Tony said, "Fuck you... you bastard!" Tank just smiled and grabbed a shitload of Tony's black locks.

Tank said, "Fine have it your way... " Tank had him in a headlock and asked me to lift up his cock. I jumped over and picked up his dick and waited for instructions. Tank told Tony, "Hey asshole you are going to suck on this faggot dick and if I feel one bite of your fucked up grill, youíre going to pay... now open your mouth!"

Tony protested but Tank tightening his grip in the headlock he opened his mouth a little at a time. Tank then instructed me to life his cock towards Tony's lips. I watched as Tank yelled and told him to open wide, I watch as Tanks cock slipped into his mouth, by this time My own cock started to stir, tony looked and saw me rubbing my cock in my shorts, Tank told me to lose Ďem.

"Tony since you interrupted my playtime with my bro, you are going to take his place. Troy why don't you take my place and slide that dick on your in his mouth." I watched as Tank slide his 11 inch cock out and watched when it hanged to his knees. I stepped forward and without any notice Tony engulfed my 8 inch thick cock. Tank said, look the little fucker likes it. Tank pointed down as Tony's 9 inch Italian cock was rock hard and poking out of the piss slit. Tank said, "Troy I think you should get back at that fucker for raping your mouth earlier, I think you should fuck him!"

Tony did not say a word and continued suck on my cock when Tank reached down and grabbed my cock as slid it out of Tony's mouth. He then told Tony, "My little Bro is going to fuck that hairy ass of yours Tony." Of course he protested and Tank said, "Look itís either my Broís cock or my meaty piece." Tony got up and walked over to the bed and lay on his stomach. Tank said, "Not quite, we want to see you face as Troy lays his pipe into that ass." Tank instructed him to lie on his back. Tank reached over and grabbed some old grease that did not smelled so great and swabbed a pile on Tony's asshole.

I watched as Tony looked like he liked it. I said, "Tank stick a finger, then two and three in his hole."

Tank said, "I think this fucker has done this before." With that Tank added, "I think heís ready for you."

I walked up and watched as Tank grabbed both ankles and lifted them high up. Tank told me to slide up between us. I was rock hard as I pressed my 8 inch cock against is asshole, with all of that grease it slide in with ease. The look on Tony face was almost angelic, he was loving it; I was fucking him and pushing and fucking when I felt the pressure of my nuts building to escape my nut sac.

Tank must have sensed it because he pulled me away and turned me around and swallowed my cock just as I unleashed a massive load of sperm; and I watched as Tank swallowed every single drop. I moved out of the way and watch as Tank grabbed the Crisco and lubed up his massive cock, Tony just lay there helpless as Tank slipped the head of his cock into the now stretched and wet hole. I watched as Tank slipped inch by inch into the hairy opening, I was shocked as Tank stuffed all of it into Tony,

I watched as Tank switched into overtime and steadily pumped that ass, Tony was jerking off his 9 inch cock for all it was worth, just as Tank was about to blow, Tony moaned and I watched as tons of cum flew out of his cock and onto the pillow behind him, then Tank pulled out and splashed his seed onto Tony's face and chest. Tank collapsed on top of Tony and the two of them started kissing, Tank said that will teach you for fucking with my brother...

We all cleaned up and decided to hit the hay, it was 3 am and dawn was to come shortly. Tony said heíd better go into the tent; he apologized and walked towards his site. I told tank there was no way I could have handled that dick like he did. Tank said, "Like I said, he has done that before," and winked. He then said, "Letís go to bed, Iím drained." I lay next to him and he gave me a kiss and we drifted off to sleep.

When we got up we saw Vince and Tony pulling away; he just laughed. When the phone rang it was dad doing his best to apologize. I thanked dad for leaving me hanging; I said it was one of my best times in my life and hung up on him. Tank asked, "When do you want to head home?"

I said, "Iím in to rush, how about you?" Tank admitted he had nothing else to do... He then asked, "Do you want to go back to sleep?"

I said, "Fuck yeah." and he slapped my ass as we closed the camper door and headed to the bunks.

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