My dad sure knew how to fuck my pussy hole

I was around sixteen when dad fucked me for the first time. I was on my bed one morning, playing with my fat, uncut cock. The twins next door had showed me how to pull my foreskin back and forth until stuff came out of my dick, and made me feel sooo...good.

Mom was away and Dad had just showered and shaved in preparation of taking me to a ball game. When he walked in and caught me with my cock in hand, and about to let loose with a load, he said, "Go for it Bud. It feels good, I know. I do the same thing when I'm not getting any. I know how good it feels.

To my astonishment Dad sat on my bed. He ran his finger through some of my jizz and put it in his mouth. "Ever tasted that stuff son?" I was stunned, but he continued to talk and quiz me. I told him about the twins and a janitor at school that I was told liked to suck guys cocks, and swallow their loads.

Even more surprising dad started to remove his underwear and reached out to take my hand and put it on his fiat, cock. He asked if I had ever held another guy's cock. I told him about the twins and getting sucked by a friend of mine. "We were laying on the floor and he put his dick right in my face while he sucked on me. He pushed it to my lips and right into my mouth," I told Dad. Then he wanted to know if I had done it with the janitor?

I confessed that once after football practice that the janitor took me into a broom closet, and he got down and sucked me until I came in his mouth. "He waits outside the shower room for me sometimes," I added. "Has anyone ever wanted to put their cock in your pussy hole," Dad asked. He told me that my asshole can be like a girls pussy, and can take a cock in it. Dad now laid totally nude next to me. His body was covered with hair and he was sweaty. He pulled me on top of him, my dick was erect as we rubbed against each other.

Dad reached down and played with my asshole. His long finger was soon going in my hole. "Son, this has me really horny and I can see you are too. Your Dad needs to get his balls released," he said. I'll never forget that first time that he played with my asshole. I liked his long finger going in and out of my butt. We played with each other's cocks too. I almost came a few times.

I was in another world. "Oh, yeah, Dad, That feels so good, don't stop," I whimpered. "You like that Son, does daddies finger feel good in your hot pussy hole?" I heard Dad say. "All I can think of now is getting my cock into your little pussy ass," he continued. He started getting really verbal. "You like that don't you Son. Do you want me to get it nice and wet so daddy can put his cock inside your hole?. Your so tight boy, I know you'll like your daddies cock all the way up inside your boy pussy. He spat on his fingers.

I was beside myself with lust and the new pleasures brought on by my Dad's attention. "Daddy thinks you want to be fucked by my big cock now, don't you?" Then before I knew it, Dad had the head of that big cock inside me. I jumped, and he told me to hold still, that if I relaxed he could fuck me slow and it would start to feel good. "Daddy wants to fuck you for a long time, my cock feels so good in your tight boy pussy. I want to make my boy feel good too."

I told dad it was uncomfortable so he pulled out and said I should maybe get his cock wetter . He pressed my face down to his throbbing hardon. "Push my foreskin back with your lips. OH, Yeah Son, be a good little cocksucker, get it all wet and ready. I want to fuck you fast and hard and fill you up with my ball juice," he was saying. "Suck daddy's cock, bite daddy's foreskin, yeah, eat your daddies cock. Now lick my balls," he instructed me. I did what daddy told me to do. I loved doing this with him. He had me stop before he almost unloaded in my mouth.

Then he got me ready again by probing my tight hole while licking my pecker and balls, all the time telling me that one day he wanted me to put my cock in his ass. I got more excited just thinking about it. "Daddy is really hot for your boy pussy now. When he entered again it was better. "I know you like daddy's cock in there, does it feel good now. Am I making you happy?" I loved it when he talked to me that way and even more when he talked dirty. "Yeah, you like Dad's cock in your little boy pussy. I"m about to fill your ass with a big load of jizz. You like it don't you, I know you like it." Soon Dad unloaded in my ass pussy. It was incredible. I was exhausted from his fuck.

He pulled out and went under me. He put his finger in my wet hole, then pulled it out and wiped his gooey stuff all over my dick. He took my pecker in his mouth and sucked until I let go with my ball juice, spilling in his mouth.

Shortly after that, another time when Mom was gone, Dad came home early. Another guy was with him. They had a couple of drinks and Dad told me to come over to him. He told me take off my clothes. Dad fondled my dick until I was hard. "He likes to suck cock," he told his friend. "He's good at it too," he remarked taking his own cock out. The stranger took his out too. It was a good sized one like Dad's. The guy pushed me down and put his cock up to my mouth. Dad said for me to suck his friend like I do him.

Dad played with my ass pussy, and got it wet and slipped his cock up inside my hole. His friend couldn't get over seeing Dad fucking his own Son. The guy was so hot, he immediately gave me his load. I swallowed it all. Then dad said, "Yeah Son, make it tight, that's it Son, make it real tight. Dad came up my asshole. The guy was still excited. Dad asked if he wanted to fuck me. He still had a big hardon and it went right in. It felt so good with Dad's jizz already in there. He fucked me for a long, long time before the stranger filled me with his second load of his man juice.

After that, Dad would sometimes sneak in my room late at night, have me suck him and then fuck me. He said my ass pussy was what he liked best. He always whispered dirty talk in my ear. "You like your Daddy's big cock, huh? I can feel your pussy muscles are squeezing my cock." I liked it all right, and wanted it every day. "Ride Daddy's cock baby, faster boy, make Daddy fill your pussy with his hot ball juice.

"You ready to shoot your load boy? A nice big load for Daddy? I want to eat your dick juice. Yeah, your pussy is so good!" Daddy filled my ass and then he drank my huge sperm load.

This went on regularly until I left for college. And it still happens when I come home for Holidays. Sometimes dad has a new friend for me to meet, too!

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