Dad takes my temperature

I was feeling a bit sick and I was running a temperature. I was a kid of a single Dad. Mom had left us and I was in my Dads care. Dad put me up in doggy style and lowered my head with my ass in the air. Dad took the thermometer and slowly slid it inside my butthole. I felt so relaxed. It was nice and I knew Dad was taking care of me. When ever I was feeling bad Dad would always take my temperature no matter. I started loving getting in that position, that I would sometime pretend I was feeling bad.

Once Dad finally realized I was not sick and I would get in the position to have my temperature taken, he decided to lube up his finger and slide that into my waiting hole. The first time, I was going wild, It felt so big and it was so gentle. I knew from that point, that Dad was going to always stick his finger in my ass when I was not feeling well. I was not feeling well often after that first time. Sometimes I would ask Dad to take my temporature even when I was feeling fine. Dad would always check it for me.

I was loving having Dad stick his finger in my asshole and work it around a bit. Not sure why but this one time Dad used his thumb, and I was wild. Dad was going larger and larger. I started asking more and more now with the thumb. So dad decided I needed something larger. When I told Dad to take my temporature, I got down on my knees and lifted my asshole up for Dad. I waited for the pleasure and boy did i get a new feeling. Dad had something bigger. I was not sure what it was but it was bigger then his thumb. It was hard, like maybe a carrot. I was enjoying it regardless of what it was. I now wanted this new size to fill me more often. I got my temperature taken more and more and was having my ass filled all the time.

Ok, I was asking for it now, and needed more and more to full fill my needs. I told Dad, I was ready to have my temperature taken and he told me to get up on my knees. I undress and got up for Dad to take my ass temperature and I soon felt the warm and hard tip of my Dads cock touch the hole of my pussy. I melted at his touch and relaxed wondering what my temperature would be when Dad was done. It slowly slide inside me and it was much larger then all that had passed my hole. I just let it go in as far as it wanted and took my Dad all the way. I was so in love with Dad for fucking me like this that I knew he would always fill me with his cock. He had opened me just right to fit his wonderful cock.

Dad slid his 8" cock in me now, as far as he could and I never gave him any complaints. Dad knew, he had trained his boyt good. That I would be his pussy, till the end of time. I loved my Dad and I wanted him to fuck me like the pussy I always wanted to be. Dad didnt cum inside, he wanted to make sure I was ready for all his cock deep inside me. It was so fucking hot, I didnt know how to react.

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