A boy that feels like a girl inside

Hi, this is my story, about how I feel inside and my dream couple.

First my physical description, I'm a 22 year old boy, college boy looks, I'm 5'11 160, brown hair, blue eyes, smooth , athletic body, swimmers' build. I'm just a nice looking boy. As I said, I'm straight looking, so girls come on to me very often, but I'm definitely not attracted to them. I love men.

Inside, I feel weird sometimes, 'cause I really love guys and I think I love them the same ways as females do. I don't have much experience, but I deeply fantasize about what my ideal couple would be. The kind of guys I like are very masculine, macho guys, well built, muscled, sometimes hairy, guys between the ages of 21 to 40.

My greatest fantasy would be to get married with the man I love, and best of all, having him treat me like he would treat his wife. I 'd love to be a "stay at home boy", doing the cleaning , cooking and doing housewife stuff, although I'm a boy, I'd like to be my man's "wife".

I'm happy as a boy, that's not the point; I just feel that I love men the same way as a female would do. I'd like my man to ask me to marry him, want him to bring me flowers, open up the car door for me, even thought I'm a masculine boy and happy that way. I'd like my man to drive the car, to talk to me about sports events that he likes to watch 'cause he's very masculine and into very male stuff and I like that about him a lot.

I'd like to decorate our house, make it such a nice place to live together. I'd like to give him advice on what to wear, as wives so often do. I'd like him to be working on his car on a Saturday afternoon while I'm doing some shopping with my mother. Yeah, the masculine boy that I am fantasizes so much to be a man's "girlfriend".

And about sexuality, I deeply want a man like a girl does. I want to feel protected by him, I want to get penetrated by is manhood, to have his masculinity inside me like a girl. I want him to breed me, I want to have his baby. I feel complete with him inside me, we are happy together that way, my man is like a straight guy completely, but he makes love to me, and he wants to breed me like is female. I'm his boy, he's my man.

I'm so much attracted to his cock and he's so much attracted to my tight little bubble butt. We complete each other so well.

Where are you my man? I dream about you every night.

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