My first older man

Cruising at the downtown commuter train station in Chicago is by far the best play for an admirer of older men to catch a glimpse at their packages while in the bathroom. It took me a while to realize that other men were there doing the same thing. It was one moment in particular that I learned this.

On my usual rounds around 4 pm when a lot of people get out of work, hence, the maximum cock viewing, I encountered this older gentleman, about 6ft, 215 pounds, a shining head of silver (which made me notice him). I'm sure my 5'8 160 frame of 21 years was enticing for him too.

I turned, looked, then looked down and looked back, and he was sporting the thickest cock I had ever seen. I responded by showing him my eight inch wood, and his eyes sprang even further open. I got scared from someone coming in and I zipped up and headed to the McDonald's in the food court.

As I stood in line, I notice the same guy walk up behind and said, "Can I buy you an ice cream cone? I said sure, and we exchanged pleasantries and complimented each other. He asked if I had a place and I didn't, because I was still living with my folks at the time. He said he worked in an office building right in the loop, and we could sneak to his office if I wanted to blow him. I gladly obliged and we head to the 32 floor of a build around the corner from the station.

We got up to the office and by this time he already knew how much I wanted to pleasure him. He wasted no time in dropping trousers and was already throbbing with and extremely swollen head, which I thought was pretty good for a man who was 55. I got to my knees and began my career as daddy dick sucker.

Just like all the pornos I saw, I mimicked all the motions I could remember. Very shortly he said, "What do you want to do, because I'm about to blowyou don't want this much's been months..."

Ignoring him and continuing to suck harder, he prepared himself by putting one hand on my shoulder and the other on a filing cabinet and at the moment of impact, he began violently shaking and letting out noises I can't describe, and then the first of about ten streams of hot juices down my throat, out the sides of my mouth, down my chin and onto my shirt.

It was the beginning of a lovely sexual relationship.

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